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Coaching for change makers. activists. healers. trailblazers.

If you’re dedicated to working for the healing and liberation of the world, your healing and liberation have to come first. Maybe you fight for justice while having to deal with racism within the movement. Maybe you’re the only BIPOC in the C-suite. Maybe you’re tired of feeling like you’re asked not to bring your whole self with you to work. 

In a culture obsessed with “self-care”, most people need collective care. We all need care and support that goes beyond restoring your ability to continue being a good worker bee. We need care that goes beyond slapping a band-aid on the wounded and sending them right back into cultures and systems designed to continue harming them. We need care that is meant to restore our wholeness and happiness for the fullness of our lives, not just to sustain us in the fight for a better world. 


Somatic Coaching

Justice work and oppression leave their marks on our bodies and impact our relationship with our bodies. It is far too common that justice work depletes us and pushes us to burnout. And when we are under immense pressure it can often feel like we lose parts of ourselves to the stress and trauma. It may feel like racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, and ableism take parts of us away too.


But just as oppression is learned through our bodies, it must be unlearned through our bodies as well. Somatic coaching helps you work with your body through mindful attention, mindful breathing, and mindful movement. Somatic coaching can help you build a healthy, sustainable, embodied activism. To rest, to refuel, to heal, to take new shapes  – these are acts of reclamation and resistance.


Maybe you’re feeling burned out, stuck, or just completely out of touch with your body and your deep inner knowing. Maybe you want to show up as your whole self and don’t know how. Or maybe you’re doing okay but want some extra support as you’re making major life changes and want to take a leap of faith into something bigger.

Being at home in your body brings energy and joy to every part of your life and helps you inhabit the breadth and depth of your personal power.

In the wise words of Rev. angel Kyodo williams – “Go get yourself.” Get yourself healed. Get yourself free. Then go get others free. But you don’t have to do it alone. Do it with a whole community at your back. Working with me means that as you fight it out in the ring, I’m there in your corner with the water, the towel, and the unconditional support.

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Social justice and wellbeing are inextricably linked and one and the same thing; we cannot have one without the other.

Dr. Sará King